Are your Kids Being Forced to Watch The Communist News Network? (CNN)

Thanks to the Wuhan Coronavirus, I’ve gotten a crash course in what’s being taught in my children’s schools. I’m sad to report that I’ve discovered a threat far greater than Covid-19. It’s called CNN-10.

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In class rooms all across the country children are being forced to watch a special version of CNN known as CNN-10. According to their website CNN-10, “is an on-demand digital news show ideal for explanation seekers on the go or in the classroom.” In an article posted in April CNN describes CNN-10 as ” explaining global news to a global audience: This is the mission of CNN-10, a 10-minute news show that appears as a daily digital video on CNN 10 replaced CNN Student News, the network’s longest-running show that first aired in 1989. CNN 10 serves an audience interested in compact on-demand news broadcasts – either on the go or in the classroom.”

I can report that CNN-10 is just like it’s parent plague CNN. It distorts the truth to fit a predetermined narrative to benefit the liberal agenda and malign President Trump. CNN-10 distorts the truth on a variety of topics such as, Coronavirus Explained, Science and Technology Explained, and Weather Explained.

As we as conservatives laugh at CNN for being fake news at home, our children are going into schools where CNN is being used as one of the main ways to introduce them to the “news”.

How could this happen? I would encourage all readers to go look at CNN-10 and then ask your child if they have ever watched it in school. The answer surprised me.

Here at the America First Projects, exposing our kids to the hacks at CNN is a bridge too far. We are calling on Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, President Donald Trump, and our members of Congress to GET CNN OUT OF THE CLASSROOM.

You can use this Rally Congress to sign and send a verified message to President Trump, Secretary Devos, and your Congressman. It’s quick, free, and easy.